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Pansexual Facts

Facts about pansexuals. Should be taken 100% seriously all the time.
Sep 30 '14

spitinmyeyes asked:

Fact: Pansexuals make the greatest thieves. The often mislabeled jewel thief network 'Pink, Yellow & Blue Panthers' are notorious for leaving lipstick stained frying pans at the scenes of their robberies.
Sep 30 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is it possible to be heteroromantic but pansexual?

Absolutely! Pansexuals can have any range of romantic attraction, and vice versa. Romantic and sexual attraction do not have to match up. The word for this is ‘cross-orientation sexuality’- another word for this is ‘a horrifying Eldritch abomination filled with terrifying power and darkness. RUN. RUN FOR YOUR SOULS, PUNY MORTALS.’

Sep 30 '14


But seriously what the fuck is up with pansexuals
We’re so freaking weird, we are basically all people from Nightvale. We light on fire, we turn into dragons, we have a whole pansexual council. We take pride in our lack of existence. What are we?

We are all.

Sep 29 '14

Fact: Many panromantic asexuals and aromantic pansexuals go by the nickname ‘pancakes’.

Sep 27 '14

addiebuniverse asked:

I just discovered your blog and I love it. My boyfriend and I are always making jokes about my pansexuality. I like to tease about liking cooking pans. This blog gives me more material to work with. I just find it hilarious. Brilliant! Thank you! c:
Sep 24 '14

wimblestatriddle asked:

I recently came out to my super religious father about being pans and he was cool and accepted it without negativity

Sep 23 '14


There will never be too many pansexualfacts

Sep 22 '14

Question of the day






Time for some bi positivity! What’s your favorite thing about being bi? or pan or lgbt in general?

the pure, unfiltered power

The ability to commune with unicorns.

glowing in the dark



Sep 22 '14


psa: never tell a pansexual that pansexuality doesn’t exist. You will be added to our list of targets. We will find you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later we will descend from the sky on our mighty dragons and pillage your homes. prepare for vengeance, mortals.

Sep 20 '14



If this is true I am sad because I want to fly but I’m grey-ace.

Shhh no, come fly with me friend. I will take you.
Or we can fashion my hair into a wig and you may have that. If you don’t mind blond and curly.

Don’t fret! Panromantics of any sexual orientations are welcome, including panromantics on the ace spectrum! Pans of all types are welcome- we even found Peter Pan at one of our meetings- that was just unprecedented.